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Facelift Phoenix Are you considering facelift surgery in the Phoenix area? Contact the most trusted plastic surgeon in the region. Dr. Jacobsen has the expertise, skill and experience his patients are looking for to deliver exceptional results time after time. If you’ve been considering a facelift, you’ll want only the best.

You deserve natural, beautiful results that won’t make you look as though you’ve had ‘work done’. Now you can redefine your looks without giving away your secret. Dr. J is skilled at performing facelifts that look every bit as natural as you expect them to, through surgical skill and technology that allows him to hide incisions in areas where they are minimally visible.

Of the numerous options available today for cosmetic treatment, the facelift remains one of the most popular, due to its low cost in comparison with the results that can be achieved. It’s essential though, that you take your time in deciding on who will perform the surgery. Dr. Jacobsen is a pioneer in modern facelift surgery, offering exceptional results with an extremely high percentage of satisfied patients.

We invite you to spend a few moments researching online for Dr. J’s patient reviews to see for yourself what his patients have to say about their facelift results. You’ll see consistent 5-star reviews throughout the Internet, on various review pages and in blogs & social media forums. Don’t simply take out word for it- the proof is in the results.

Consider the many benefits of having a facelift and decide for yourself whether your investment will yield the kind of results you’re looking for:

- Having a facelift performed in Dr. J’s Phoenix clinic will give you a significant amount of self confidence. The aging process does not affect everyone equally. If you’d like to experience graceful aging, a facelift can be the very thing to deliver the look you want.

- If aging has distorted the contours of your face through sagging or excess skin, a facelift can give you back that definition you miss. Whether you’re most interested in a mid facelift for your cheeks and eyelids or a lower facelift for a jawline that is more defined, you’ll find that no other procedure can offer the same results.

- Have you noticed that your skin is sagging in areas where it used to be taut? A facelift can resolve this issue with careful trimming and tightening of the skin, with incisions carefully hidden in places where they won’t be noticeable. Smooth out wrinkles and folds in the skin that have appeared over time, for a more youthful appearance that will leave you very satisfied.

- A facelift can also restore lost volume due to aging. It’s common for a facelift surgeon to add volume to the mid region of the face before tightening the skin for maximum aesthetic appearance.

We invite you to call the most trusted facelift surgeon in Phoenix at 602-212-0100. Dr. J and his staff await your call and look forward to meeting your needs through professional and skillful facelift surgery. Facelift Phoenix
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