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Phoenix Plastic Surgery Searching for a Phoenix plastic surgery expert? You'll love the results you’ll obtain from Dr. Jacobsen. No other local plastic and reconstructive surgeon offers the same level of skill and expertise. If you’ve been looking for a clinic that provides a wide range of plastic surgery options, take a closer look at the cosmetic procedures offered by Dr. J.

When you hear the term ‘plastic surgery’, you may tend to think about a film star trying to recapture the youthful appearance of days that are long since passed. The fact is that many Hollywood stars have plastic surgery done, and in many cases, overdone, for the sole purpose of trying to look like a 20-year old their entire life. Plastic surgery is not meant to freeze the hands of time; in fact, it simply cannot do that.

Plastic surgery cannot stop the aging process, however it can be a very effective tool in reconstruction, correction, repair, and enhancement. Dr. Jacobsen excels in performing facelifts that look beautiful and natural, as well as plastic surgery for restoring function and appearance. Dr. Jacobsen performs scar surgery that can greatly diminish the look of current scars or restore function in cases where a scar may be keeping the patient from enjoying everyday life.

If you have a painful keloid scar and are searching for a treatment option, consider making a call to Dr. J for an initial consultation. Dr. Jacobsen and his staff employ techniques that include surgery and creams that minimize the recurrence of scars.

Are you currently searching for a Phoenix plastic surgery expert who specializes in Mohs reconstruction surgery? Dr. J coordinates care with dermatologists around Arizona to perform Mohs surgery for cutaneous cancers. If you have a scheduled date for the removal of your cancer in a sensitive area and wish to have reconstruction surgery done at the same time, call Dr. J at 602-212-0100. Oftentimes, Dr. Jacobsen can perform the reconstructive surgery on the same day.

For cancer excisions, traumatic injury or infections that leave open areas, skin grafts are often the most sensible option. Open wounds that do not heal can dramatically impact the life of a patient. If the skin graft is performed correctly, daily dressing of an open wound can be eliminated. Patients often seek out Dr. J with wounds that have failed dressing changes, antibiotics elevation and previous graft substitutes. If you’d like to speak with a specialist about a skin graft, please call Dr. J at 602-212-0100.

You’ll find Dr. J is the most trusted Phoenix plastic surgery expert in the region. Whether you are searching for cosmetic surgery, restorative, corrective or an enhancement, the caring and compassionate staff at William M Jacobsen Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery will go over and above to meet your needs.

It all starts with a consultation in the Phoenix clinic. Book your appointment over the phone at 602-212-0100 or send an email to Phoenix Plastic Surgery
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Dr J considers every surgery an opportunity to express his vision with his patients, and believes in natural, beautiful results that leave you feeling confident and beautiful, but most importantly, feeling like yourself. From extremely rare and complex surgical cases, to cosmetic surgery, Dr J has the experience, compassion and understanding to help you achieve your surgical goals.

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