Skin Cancer Phoenix

Skin Cancer Phoenix

Have you been diagnosed with skin cancer in Phoenix? Let Dr. Jacobsen and his compassionate staff help you heal. Dr. J understands that his skin cancer patients just want the cancer to be gone so they can begin the process of healing. Your road to recovery begins by making a phone call to Dr. William Jacobsen at 602-212-0100.

While skin cancer can occur anywhere on the body, most often it occurs in areas that have been exposed to the sun, such as the hands or the face. With skin cancer, time is of the essence, so it is vital to be seen by a specialist quickly after receiving a diagnosis, or if you notice a suspicious area on your body that may be skin cancer. An accurate diagnosis is key in prompt treatment. If you’re uncertain as to whether or not a suspicious area is cancer, book a consultation with Dr. J as soon as your schedule allows.

The Benefit of Visiting a Plastic Surgeon Who Performs Mohs Surgery

Most dermatologists are not plastic surgeons, meaning they are able to perform Mohs Surgery, which is very effective for complete removal of the cancer, but are not able to close the wound in such a way that minimizes scarring. Dr. Jacobsen performs slow Mohs surgery, removing the cancer, along with extra skin surrounding it to ensure that it has been completely excised. This is a procedure that typically takes less than 15 minutes and will allow the patient to go home with no wound, making it a great option for removal of skin cancer in Phoenix.

Slow Mohs Surgery is the Best Method For Complete Removal

In the unlikely event that the lab report reveals that there are still positive margins, Dr. J’s staff will request that you come back for further excision. While this can seem disappointing on the surface, it’s important to realize that even 2 visits in the office are still less time that it would take for an entire morning or afternoon visit. It is important to ensure the complete removal of the cancer and preserve the structure of your face.

Large Cancers

While most skin cancers can be removed in a short office procedure, larger or complicated cancers would be removed in an operating room under anesthesia. After the excision of the cancer, the wound must be closed in such a way as to minimize scarring and maximize function. Dr. J is highly experienced in this type of procedure, having performed thousands of skin cancer removals and closures over the years. There are some skin cancer removals that require only fine suturing technique while others require skin flaps or grafts.

Dr. J offers the most beneficial options for skin cancer removal in Phoenix. Feel free to call his office at 602-212-0100 with your skin cancer questions, knowing that his staff will be happy to provide answers and schedule a consultation to meet with Dr. J. Don’t wait- skin cancer is a serous matter.

Skin Cancer Phoenix
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