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The List of Most Popular Plastic Surgery Procedures in Phoenix, AZ

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Plastic surgery procedures have grown in popularity over the last few years. This is attributed to the lower cost of procedures and the high-quality of work that plastic surgeons carry out. So what are the most popular plastic surgery procedures in Phoenix, AZ? We’re going to take a look at this now:

The most common Plastic surgery phoenix people have include:

  • Cosmetic Treatments – It’s very likely that Phoenix will see a surge in cosmetic treatments in 2019. This is because the area is home to many highly-trained surgeons who know a lot about all kinds of different treatments. Many people are opting for treatments that enhance some of their features. For example, surgeons often carry out lifts or improvements on the breasts, buttocks, arms, or thighs. There are also a few facial procedures that have proven to be very popular such as eyelid, nose, face, and ear revitalizations. Each cosmetic procedure has its own recovery time. They differ depending on the patient’s wishes and needs, and of course, the skill of the plastic surgeons.
  • Botox – Considered to be one of the least invasive forms of surgery, botox can make the skin look smoother. It can also minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Not a lot of people are aware that Botox also acts as a preventative measure as it helps to ensure wrinkles and lines are less likely to appear. Many Botox procedures are being carried out every single day as they are easy to perform. Another great thing about Botox is that there’s little discomfort afterward.
  • Non-surgical Nose Jobs – Nose jobs are one of the most famous types of surgery in Phoenix and around the globe. Many people opt to get their nose reshaped as it makes their face look more symmetrical. Using derma fillers to give the nose a new shape the procedure tends to last just 15 minutes. This procedure is replacing rhinotomy which is more invasive.
  • Fillers – More and more people are now opting to have a filler. Fillers can be added to the lip or eye areas and make a face look fuller and younger. Younger-looking faces tend to be slightly fuller than older-looking faces. This is why many people choose to have a filler. When undertaking this procedure, surgeons often inject a filler into the desired area rather than removing fat.
  • Breast Reductions – Breast implants were once the most famous type of plastic surgery. However, more and more people have opted for a breast reduction instead. Plastic surgeons are predicting that more breast reductions will be carried out in the next 2-3 years than breast implants. Laser Bra Lifts, in particular, have become increasingly popular as the procedure is less painful and offers a quicker recovery.
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The popularity of plastic surgery procedures does change over time. What was once considered fashionable (Breast implants, for example) are being replaced by alternative methods. However, the above 5 procedures are likely to be the most popular plastic surgery procedures in Phoenix, AZ for some time. Start exploring your options – contact Dr. J’s office today to schedule your personalized consultation!