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What Is a Botox Lip Flip & What You Should Know?

Do you want full, youthful lips? Full lips are undoubtedly in style, especially for the perfect pout, but not everyone needs or wants expensive and longer-lasting fillers to get them. If you wish for subtle results or a short-term lip-plumping option without fillers and minimal effort, you should consider the Botox lip flip.

This quick, low-cost, effective non-surgical lip enhancement cosmetic procedure makes your lips look fuller without added volume. It can help reduce wrinkles, define your upper lip, and also does wonders in improving gummy smiles.

While the lip flip won’t stop the aging process or change your lip structure, a professional and licensed doctor should perform it. If not, you risk suffering from disruptive side effects because of an incorrectly performed Botox lip flip which even wears off faster than usual.

Read on to learn more about the procedure, its benefits, and who it’s for.

What Is A Botox Lip Flip?

The Botox lip flip is a non-surgical lip enhancement procedure involving the use of Botox to enhance the upper lip. Your surgeon injects 4-6 units of botulinum toxin lip injections into the upper lip and the orbicularis oris muscle encircling the mouth.

Botox is a neuromodulator, temporarily relaxing the muscles connecting to the upper lip (orbicularis oris) to make it roll slightly upwards and appear more voluminous and defined. The relaxed muscles also smoothen wrinkles around the lips.

The lip flip is excellent for patients who want a more subtle enhancement than fillers and who want to enhance their upper lip shape with minimal effort.

However, your lips take about a week to look fuller, and the effects last three to four months.

So ensure you properly plan the procedure date if you want full lips in time for an event like a wedding. You need time to recover from the pain and swelling of the lip flip procedure, which is about 12 to 24 hours, and time for the Botox to take full effect.

While the Botox lip flip is inexpensive compared to fillers, it lasts only three to four months. And you will have to return for treatment twice or thrice more often than you would for filler injections.

Main Benefits of Botox Lip Flips

There are multiple benefits associated with a Botox lip flip. They include:

Wrinkle reduction

The Botox lip flip has a wrinkle-reducing effect on the upper lip to smoothen and stop vertical lines that form on the upper lip.

Defined upper lip

The Botox lip flip subtly enhances the upper lip to make your lips look plumper while defining your existing lip edges.

Shows more of your lips while smiling

A lip flop relaxes the upper lip to show more of it while you smile instead of pulling the upper lip tight.

Prevents gummy smiles

If you hate that your gums show while smiling, Botox injections offer a solution. The Botox injections relax your lip elevator muscles so that you end up showing less of your gums when you smile.

Affordable lip enhancement

The Botox lip flip usually requires 4-6 units of Botox, costing $10 to $15 each. So the whole procedure costs less than $100, while a full syringe of dermal fillers costs anywhere between $500 to $1000.

Temporary effects lasting for 3-4 months

The lip flip procedure lets you experiment with lip enhancement as its temporary results wear off in 3-4 months.

Improves self-esteem

Your improved smile helps boost your self-esteem levels.


The Botox lip lift is safe, with minimal complications or side effects, as long as an experienced healthcare provider performs it.

Zero downtime

Last but not least, you can return to your normal activities practically immediately. It’s because there’s much less pain, swelling, and bruising when compared to other lip enhancement procedures.

Do You Need One?

Whether you need a Botox flip lip or not is a personal decision. However, there are a few criteria to be considered for the procedure. You need to:

  • Be in good physical and mental health
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Be free of any active oral infections like cold or canker sores

If you are a suitable candidate, you may consider undergoing a botox lip lift for the following reasons:

To have full lips

It’s normal and part of the aging process for your lips to get smaller or thinner due to genetics, smoking, and sun damage. It’s because aging leads to the phitrum or groove between the upper lip and septum getting longer and flatter.

Besides, the distance between the mouth corners or intercommissural distance also tends to increase as you age. The lip flip can help by making you look younger with full lips.

To reduce wrinkles

Botox relaxes muscles and helps reduce the wrinkles that generally appear when you make facial expressions.

To avoid lip fillers or lip augmentation.

While lip fillers and lip augmentation also help change your lip volume or shape, they are relatively expensive. Besides, there’s more downtime or bruising and swelling involved with these procedures.

Improved self-confidence

With the lip-flip improving your smile and helping you get your desired look, you experience a natural improvement in your self-esteem levels and body image.

To eliminate gummy smiles.

The lip flip can reduce the amount of your gums seen when you smile.

While a lip flip won’t stop your lips’ aging process or structure, it makes them look fuller without adding volume. It can help you achieve the desired look, boosting your self-esteem.

Contact Us Today For A Consultation

The Botox lip flip may be what the doctor ordered if you are tired of your gummy smile or temporarily want fuller lips for a big event. This is a quick, non-invasive lip enhancement procedure requiring no downtime.

This means you can continue with your everyday activities immediately after the procedure. With results seen within a week of the injections, and the full lips lasting anywhere between 2 to 5 months, a Botox lip flip offers painless temporary lip enhancement.

The lip flip also helps reduce wrinkles around your upper lip and eliminates gummy smiles, giving you more reason to have one. The effects are better and safer if performed by a licensed and expert healthcare provider, like Dr. Jacobsen. So contact Dr. William M. Jacobsen today to discuss and schedule your botox lip lift procedure.