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William M. Jacobsen Launches New Breast Augmentation Special at Just $3800

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William M. Jacobsen Launches New Breast Augmentation Special at Just $4000

Phoenix, Arizona—The plastic and reconstructive surgery clinic helmed by Dr. William M. Jacobsen has recently launched a new, all-inclusive special for breast augmentation. With a low cost of just $4000, the special has generated much excitement in the Phoenix community.

With the all-inclusive special, more clients can afford the breast augmentation procedure they have yearned for. This speaks to the mission of Dr. Jacobsen’s practice and his desire to provide affordable services for plastic and reconstructive surgery.

This new all-inclusive special employs some of the newest technology in breast augmentation, meaning that the procedure is more efficient and simpler than ever. The surgeons utilize a mix of proven clinical practices and new technology to provide the most effective service possible.

Dr. William M. Jacobsen draws on years of training at some of the most prestigious educational institutions in order to provide world-class services to each and every patient. He constantly strives to be the plastic surgeon Phoenix deserves. With his certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jacobsen ranks as one of the more highly qualified surgeons in the area.

There are a few practices that offer breast augmentation in Phoenix, and even fewer that have the years of industry experience as well as accessible deals that Dr. Jacobsen’s practice provides. These make the practice unique in what they offer to enhance client satisfaction and comfort.

The friendly doctor knows that having any surgical operation is an incredibly personal process, and one fraught with anxiety about pain, financial cost, and concern about the future. Each and every employee at William M. Jacobsen Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery strives to make patients feel at home and taken care of fully.

With transparency and open communication being a high priority, the practitioners at William M. Jacobsen keep patients informed at every step of the process. This allows patients to customize or adjust their treatment, depending on their desires. This also means that patients will not be charged for hidden costs or suddenly find they are unable to afford their procedure.

Representatives of the practice are readily available to speak to potential clients at any time. Prospective patients can call in to inquire about their innovative practices and procedures, and to discover if Dr. William M. Jacobsen’s clinic and their all-inclusive special is the right option for their breast augmentation.

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