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Breast Augmentation Scottsdale Arizona

If you live in Scottsdale Arizona and you’re considering breast augmentation, we can help. We work hard to ensure that everyone has natural-looking results that they love. With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. William Jacobsen is here to ensure you feel confident and beautiful. Trust us when we tell you that you’re in safe hands.

Breast Augmentation Scottsdale Arizona

Your Breast Implants

If you have not undergone a breast augmentation before we can only offer you silicone or saline gel implants. This is because the law states that we can only offer you this type of implant for the time being. We can answer all your questions about silicone or saline implants and put your mind at ease.  If you have previously undergone any breast augmentation procedures please talk to us. We’re here to help you.

Mentor Implants

We offer all of our patients Mentor Implants. These implants are rounded and they have a high profile. This means they are more likely to look natural. Mentor implants are filled with saline during the procedure, ensuring that you have results you love. Please note, we only ever use implants that we have complete faith in. We want you to come away from surgery looking and feeling good. We can help you achieve this by offering you Mentor implants.

breast augmentation
Answering your Breast Augmentation Questions

If you have any questions about our breast augmentation procedures please talk to us. We are here for you. We can offer you advice that will ensure you’re much more likely to be happy with your new implants. We can also offer you advice on the following:

Risks and complications 

Whenever anyone undergoes surgery there is always a risk. We will gladly talk through all of the associated risks with you so you’re fully aware. We might even advise that you wait a while before you undergo surgery. For example, if you’re trying to lose weight or you’re trying to get pregnant now might not be the right time for a breast augmentation. There might also be other factors that could highlight a few risks. We will talk through all of these factors with you. 

We’ll also make you aware of any complications that can occur during and after your operation. Don’t worry, you’re in safe hands but you should always be aware of any potential complications. Please feel free to ask us any questions you have and we will be happy to help. 

The incision placement

While you might not have yet considered where the incision will be, you’ll need to make a decision. This is because the placement can have an impact on your breasts and how you feel about them. Did you know that some incisions can affect how you look in a swimsuit? Don’t worry, we can help you make the right choice for you. Just talk to us about your concerns and we will do what we can to set your mind at ease.

 The implant placement 

Where would you like your implants to be placed? Would you like your breasts to look as if they’re quite high up? Where will your new implants sit? These are all things that you need to consider. Do not worry, we will help you to make the right decision so you’re happy with your breast augmentation. We want you to look and feel good as much as you want to look and feel good. Talk to us today about implant placement.

The size of your implants 

We can give you a lot of advice about the size of your new implants. While you might want your implants to be quite large, we might advise that you opt for a smaller size. We will do this if we think a particular implant size will work with your body’s natural shape. Please understand that the choice is ultimately yours, however, a more natural finish can make you look better and feel more confident.

We’re Here for You 

We can help you have natural-looking breasts that help you to feel good. You deserve to feel confident about your body and we can help you with that. With more than 20 years of experience, Dr. William M. Jacobsen, M.D. can give you the breasts and the confidence you’ve always wanted.

If you live in Scottsdale Arizona, we can help you. Please contact us and ask us as many questions about breast augmentation as you wish. We are here to help you. Don’t be afraid to check out the other procedures that we offer. We want you to look good so please contact us today.

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Our ultimate goal is to heal.

Dr. J and his staff look forward to understanding the details of your unique case, desires and aspirations, and to providing you with realistic, safe and attainable results that leave you looking beautiful, and truly feeling like yourself. Take the first step toward your healing or rejuvenating procedure with Dr. J by filling out our contact form to request a consultation, or to inquire about any of the services we offer. We look forward to treating you!
I had a great experience during my consultation with Dr. J and his staff. They made me feel super comfortable as soon as I walked in even though I was a nervous wreck. Everyone was so sweet, nice and very knowledgeable. What I wanted done Dr. J surprised me with his answer. Which is why I will be scheduling an appointment for a breast augmentation soon with him. Also, I hate talking on the phone so I am able to contact them by text or email with any questions or concerns I have, and with my busy schedule it works out for both parties. I will have to edit this review with the results of my procedure and recovery process. As for a consultation experience, I have no complaints.
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