Understanding Skin Cancer

Skin Cancers occur all over the body. More likely to occur in sun exposed areas like the face and hands but can occur anywhere from the toes to the groin to the scalp.

If you are diagnosed with skin cancer you can come to Dr. Jacobsen’s office and he will help you remove it completely.

If you thank you have a suspicious area on your skin you should consult your family doctor he dermatologist or see Dr. Jacobsen A he can help you sort this out and help you make the proper diagnosis.

Once you are diagnosed with skin cancer it should be treated as soon as possible. Surgical removal is often the best and quickest solution for you.

Dermatologist and family doctor as well as sometimes use freezing or shaving or some chemical treatments for mild skin cancers.  Dr. Jacobsen removes these areas surgically in a fine fashion and surgically closes them in a fine fashion.

Patients often asked if Dr. Jacobsen does Mohs surgery.  At our office we perform what we call slow Mohs surgery.  Dermatologists are Mohs surgeons but are not plastic surgeons.  In a Mohs surgeons’ office they will remove some tissue and then possibly some additional tissue and some possibly additional tissue while you wait in the office while they examine the tissue under the microscope for you.  This is very effective to remove the cancer completely.  This often leaves a wound that requires reconstruction and often patients are referred to Dr. Jacobsen is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon to fix these wounds.

Dr. Jacobsen performs the slow Mohs surgery technique and in this way, we remove the skin cancer and some extra skin around it to make sure that is completely excised.  It is then sent to the laboratory for pathologic review.  We usually receive the pathology results the next day to determine whether it is completely excised or not.  The procedure usually takes less than 15 minutes to perform and to get to go home with no wound.  Occasionally we are surprised that the pathology report from the laboratory reveals that there are positive margins and we will ask you to return to us for further excision.  This often is disappointing to patients and disappointing to us as well.  But it should not be disappointing.  Coming to our office on 2 occasions may be less time than it would be to remain in a Mohs surgery office for the entire morning or afternoon.

But it is important to completely remove skin cancer and to preserve the appearance of your critical structures of your face whether you plan to do it with a Mohs surgeon or with Dr. Jacobsen.  But we will remove your skin cancer in its entirety safely and reconstruct you finely.

Usually removal of your skin cancer is a short office procedure is best for you. If the cancer is large or complicated it can be done in the operating room under anesthesia. The cancer should be removed in its entirety with “clear margins”. This means under the microscope there is no more cancer on the edges.

With most skin cancers, like basal cell cancers and squamous cell cancers this surgical removal is the cure!

Once the skin cancer is removed the wound must be closed as perfectly as possible to minimize your scar and maximize your function!  We can do this for you.

Dr. Jacobson has removed thousands of skin cancers for patients over the years from head to toe.

Dr. Jacobsen can help you with your skin cancer removal and a finely done repair of your skin.

Most removals can be done in the office with local anesthesia. Much larger skin cancers can require a short outpatient anesthesia.

Some skin cancers after removal require just fine suturing techniques, some require flaps or grafts or both!

Call us or email us with you skin cancer question and we will be happy to help you right away!

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