Understanding Skin Cancer

Skin Cancers occur all over the body. More likely to occur in sun exposed areas like the face and hands but can occur anywhere from the toes to the groin to the scalp.

If you are diagnosed with skin cancer you can come to Dr. Jacobsen’s office and he will help you remove it completely.

If you thank you have a suspicious area on your skin you should consult your family doctor he dermatologist or see Dr. Jacobsen A he can help you sort this out and help you make the proper diagnosis.

Once you are diagnosed with skin cancer it should be treated as soon as possible. Surgical removal is often the best and quickest solution for you.

Dermatologist and family doctor as well as sometimes use freezing or shaving or some chemical treatments for mild skin cancers.  Dr. Jacobsen removes these areas surgically in a fine fashion and surgically closes them in a fine fashion.

Patients often asked if Dr. Jacobsen does Mohs surgery. At our office we perform what we call slow Mohs surgery. Dermatologists are Mohs surgeons but are not plastic surgeons.  In a Mohs surgeons’ office they will remove some tissue and then possibly some additional tissue and some possibly additional tissue while you wait in the office while they examine the tissue under the microscope for you. This is very effective to remove the cancer completely. This often leaves a wound that requires reconstruction and often patients are referred to Dr. Jacobsen is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon to fix these wounds.

Dr. Jacobsen performs the slow Mohs surgery technique and in this way, we remove the skin cancer and some extra skin around it to make sure that is completely excised.  It is then sent to the laboratory for pathologic review.  We usually receive the pathology results the next day to determine whether it is completely excised or not.  The procedure usually takes less than 15 minutes to perform and to get to go home with no wound.  Occasionally we are surprised that the pathology report from the laboratory reveals that there are positive margins and we will ask you to return to us for further excision.  This often is disappointing to patients and disappointing to us as well.  But it should not be disappointing.  Coming to our office on 2 occasions may be less time than it would be to remain in a Mohs surgery office for the entire morning or afternoon.

But it is important to completely remove skin cancer and to preserve the appearance of your critical structures of your face whether you plan to do it with a Mohs surgeon or with Dr. Jacobsen.  But we will remove your skin cancer in its entirety safely and reconstruct you finely.

Usually removal of your skin cancer is a short office procedure is best for you. If the cancer is large or complicated it can be done in the operating room under anesthesia. The cancer should be removed in its entirety with “clear margins”. This means under the microscope there is no more cancer on the edges.


Key Points

  • With most skin cancers, like basal cell cancers and squamous cell cancers this surgical removal is the cure!
  • Once the skin cancer is removed the wound must be closed as perfectly as possible to minimize your scar and maximize your function!  We can do this for you.
  • Dr. Jacobson has removed thousands of skin cancers for patients over the years from head to toe.
  • Dr. Jacobsen can help you with your skin cancer removal and a finely done repair of your skin.
  • Most removals can be done in the office with local anesthesia. Much larger skin cancers can require a short outpatient anesthesia.
  • Some skin cancers after removal require just fine suturing techniques, some require flaps or grafts or both!


Call us or email us with you skin cancer question and we will be happy to help you right away!


Developing skin cancer in phoenix is common. Skin cancer comes in many forms, and sometimes it is difficult to see the skin cancer with the naked eye. Sometimes when his skin cancers removed and has to be removed again if it cannot be seen immediately by the naked eye. As one of the most trusted Phoenix skin cancer specialist, patients come to Dr. Jacobsen to have the cancer removed, but also to be made whole after the operation and be reconstructed properly. With this goal in mind Dr. Jacobsen does his best to have your cancers removed with a minimal amount of soft tissue particularly around the eyelids nose or lips or face where excessively excision of skin could cause a deformity. Reconstruction and maintained of facial appearance and function is very important to you and to Dr. Jacobsen. Sometimes patients are disappointed that they have to return for further excision and it must be kept in mind that any surgeon can always get the entire cancer out the first time if a large area is removed every time but this is not best for the patient is usually these critical anatomic areas need to have every millimeter of tissue preserved.  So there is always a balance between resection of the tumor completely but with not excessive skin. Dr. Jacobsen will help you with this when he consults with you. All of the specimens and Dr. Jacobsen’s office goes to the pathology laboratory where it is taken to their laboratory each day from Dr. Jacobsen’s office and looked at under the microscope the next day.  Melanomas however require 2 or 3 days of evaluation but other cancers usually can have the results back the next day or the day after. Dr. Jacobsen’s staff will call you as soon as we get these pathology reports as we know you are quite concerned about having this removed. We also always send the report to your referring doctor and dermatologist so that the circle is complete and everybody is well-informed. If you’re looking for skin cancer removal in Phoenix please feel free to contact Dr. Jacobsen’s office

Dr J and his staff look forward to understanding the details of your unique case, desires and aspirations, and to providing you with realistic, safe and attainable results that leave you looking beautiful, and truly feeling like yourself. Take the first step toward your healing or rejuvenating procedure with Dr J by filling out our contact form to request a consultation, or to inquire about any of the services we offer. We look forward to treating you!

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  • review rating 5  My experience with Dr Jacobsen, MD has been a stunningly positive experience. Is he a highly skilled surgeon? Yes, without a doubt and I would not hesitate to seek his help with any problem whatsoever. He is an excellent communicator and answers any and all questions and concerns so that I knew what was going to happen and what to look forward to. His staff is excellent as well. Dr Jacobsen has put together a highly professional team across the board. Bob N. 2/28/18

    thumb Ive Nuffet
  • review rating 5  I had skin cancer removed from my forehead for the first time and my dermatologist's office scheduled an appointment with Dr. Jacobsen on my behalf. Not only was the staff accommodating but they actually got another patient to reschedule so that they could fit me in to close up the (rather large!) wound. I still had no idea what was going on, what everything was going to look like, how much it was going to cost, etc and I was under a considerable amount of stress. Every staff member I interacted with put me more and more at ease; they're more worried about you as a person than they are about you as a payment. Dr. Jacobsen is very kind and so concerned about the wellbeing and comfort of his patients. I was in very good hands. I am now going through round two and I am back in his hands -- and couldn't feel more secure. The pictures shared are from my first procedure -- about 2 weeks apart. The scar has disappeared even more and is nearly unnoticeable even without a light layer of makeup (as in the after photo)

    thumb Kristen Costanza
  • review rating 5  I've had four visits with Dr. Jacobsen over the past 2.5 years, the first after the removal of 1/3 of my bottom lip from skin cancer, and the last for a biopsy of possible skin cancer on my nose. Each time, he has treated me with kindness and respect, and also had a level of confidence that made me feel relaxed with whatever he thought best for the particular problem. Thus far, the results have proven him correct. He has quickly become my go-to for any problem or condition that may create a cosmetic "issue". His office and staff make you feel welcomed and comfortable, and he promptly and generously responds to questions or concerns by email. One visit and you'll find these things out yourself.

    thumb Jay Phillips
  • review rating 5  Very upper class. Beautiful surroundings, beautiful people. Very tranquil. Highly recommend.

    thumb Donna Koverly
  • review rating 5  I couldn't be happier with my procedure. Dr. J has the most kind and relaxing manner and he is the ultimate professional. I had a fatty tumor on my forehead that he removed, as well as breast reconstruction. The breast reconstruction was overdue as I had breast cancer with multiple lumpectomies, biopsies and radiation. It left the tissue hard and my old implant like a rock. He was able to correct all of the problems and I'm much happier with my appearance. Although you may find it odd at first that you can't get anyone by phone their response time is amazing. I emailed the office on a Sunday afternoon that I had a problem and within ten minutes (no exaggeration) I had a text back that a prescription had been called in to my pharmacy. I've had procedures with other doctors around the Valley and never had an experience more pleasant, nor one which I was happier with the results.

    thumb Leslie Keller
  • review rating 5  Great experience with Dr Jacobsen. I had a tummy tuck, breast lift with implant exchange and I am very happy with the results. Dr. J came to the hospital the night after I had the surgery to check on me. Very impressed. Dr J did a wonderful job and I will highly recommend him. "High Class" Doctor and office as well. Thank you. (01/10/19)

    thumb Ellie Proteasa
  • review rating 5  Hi Dr. J ., Tracy, Ashley, Kimberly and Susan- I came back to your surgical practice as I was very pleased with previous results. I find again a very caring atmosphere and staff and I am excitedly anticipating future results of your excellent technical expertise. Waiting to hear from you regarding the rest of the repair work yet to be done. Happy New Year and Happy Blessings to all of you! Thanks so much, Lisa Bishop

    thumb Lisa Bishop
  • review rating 5  He is the best doctor I am so so happy with my tummy tuck thank you DR William m .Jacobson

    thumb Nehmah Salem
  • review rating 5  I would recommend dr. William Jacobsen to anyone who is interested in doing any kind of procedure. I got a chest augmentation and he did an amazing job! I am very happy and he did exactly the shape and size I was wanted. Go to his website and you will not be disappointed !

    thumb Mirela Eastridge
  • review rating 5  Incredible does not begin to describe Dr. J and his amazing staff! From my first consultations to any questions I had post op, I was treated like I was the only patient. Dr. J is a true professional who cares about his patients. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Dr. J!!

    thumb Kara Sehr

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