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Breast reduction is very important to women and Dr. Jacobsen loves taking care of those that need the reduction as it helps women a great deal with back pain and neck pain and shoulder grooving from their brassiere.  Dr. Jacobsen is your best advocate and wants to help you get this approved.  You always have the option to pay for this yourself and we have included the finances for doing so.  Almost all women wish to have their insurance company pay for this.  This is very difficult as most insurance companies do not wish to pay for this for you and put up many obstructions to make it difficult for you to be approved and authorized for surgery.  If you read below you will be able to help yourself a great deal.  Dr. Jacobsen will write the documentation accurately and in your best interest to get approved.  We have prepared this document to help you with the insurance approval process.  If you wish to have your surgery, you may at any time have your surgery if you are safe for anesthesia and you wish to pay for it yourself.  But if you wish for your insurance company to pay for it you must follow their rules! Dr. Jacobsen is not in control of their rules or their approval process.  Our staff is experienced with requesting authorizations from insurance companies but greater than 90% breast reduction surgeries are denied by insurance companies.  You must work hard and fight for your approval!

Common Misunderstandings:

  • Patients feel because they are suffering that your insurance company will cover the surgery. This is false.
  • Patients feel that because their doctor said they needed breast reduction surgery that their insurance company will cover it.  This is false.
  • Patients feel if that if Dr. Jacobsen just words his notes properly the insurance company will cover it.  This is false.

You can be assured that Dr. Jacobsen will be very supportive in his notes for you. Dr.  Jacobsen is you best advocate.  Dr. Jacobsen’s opinion alone is not respected by the insurance company and their decision may rely ENTIRELY upon your supportive documentation from other providers and you meeting the criteria. Every insurance carrier is different and has a different process.

Insurance Carrier Criteria you must meet:

  • Call your carrier and find the criteria they have for breast reduction surgery in your policy.
  • Call your carrier and get a copy of your policy.
  • Printout the criteria for breast reduction surgery.
  • Document how you meet each criterion your insurance carrier has listed.

It is essential if you contact your insurance representative and let them know that this breast reduction surgery is necessary to your health and well-being. They should be able to give you the exact criteria they use to approve breast reduction surgery.

Once you meet the criteria you cannot be denied your surgery !!! If you want your surgery work on this diligently !!!

Also, you can help yourself with the most important part of the approval process by obtaining medical records to support the problems that you are having related to your heavy breasts and wish to resolve with breast reduction surgery. Dr. Jacobsen’s staff will not obtain these records for you.  If you wish to have your insurance company approve your surgery you must obtain the records yourself and email or fax them to us.

Medical Records you must obtain and send to Dr. Jacobsen’s Office for Approval:

  • Primary care physician
  • Referring physician
  • Back or spine physician
  • Physical therapist
  • Records from any other non-surgical physicians

You can be your own best advocate by physically getting your own records. You must go to your doctor’s office and request these records and bring them to our office. You can email the records to us as well to You can also fax them to our office at 602.279.1701. Asking your other doctors to fax them to us and then calling us to see if we got them usually fails. We receive all faxes electronically so we do not miss any faxes. Usually your doctor’s office is too busy to fax your records for you, forgets or has higher priorities taking care of sick patients. We recommend you go to your doctor’s office to get copies and then bring them to us. We will not call your doctor’s office to find out why they haven’t sent them yet. Once we receive your documentation, we will be happy to submit them to the insurance companies on your behalf. We cannot be your administrative assistant.  If you wish your surgery to be approved you must obtain your records on your own.

Call your carrier during the approval process:

  • They can help give you the status of your approval or denial.
  • Insist that they tell you why you are not approved.
  • Insist that they tell you specifically what criteria you have not met.
  • Do not believe them when they say you are denied because Dr. Jacobsen did not do the authorization properly.

Be Aware of your Carrier’s excuses for not covering your surgery for you!

They will tell you that you are not approved because Dr.  Jacobsen did not do this or that.  Be assured we have done everything properly and timely.  They will tell you this to divert the denial away from them to onto Dr.  Jacobsen.  We do this insurance authorization process daily and know exactly how to do it. We do it perfectly and quickly. So, make the carrier representative stick to their exact criteria.  Make your carrier explain to you what criteria you do not meet exactly!  Do not call our office because you are upset that Dr.  Jacobsen’s office did not do your approval process quickly or properly because your carrier said so.  Your insurance will try to convince you that Dr.  Jacobsen is the cause of your denial and this is entirely and absolutely untrue. Make them stick to the criteria.

If your surgery is still denied by your insurance company, we will be happy to work with you.  We have attached an Estimated Cost for Surgery for your information.  After your consultation, we will prepare a more accurate personalized Financial Commitment for Surgery for you.

At any time during this process, you can contact our office for a status or update or to answer any questions you may have at

And remember . . .  You must work hard and fight for your approval!

Breast Reduction Phoenix – Pricing

Total All-Inclusive Fees $  8,880
Dr Js Surgical Fees $  4,750
Saline Implants $  1,300
Garment $  70
Payment to Dr Jacobsen $  6,120
Estimated Anesthesia Fee $  ~890
Payment to St Joe’s SurgiCenter $  1,870
Total Payments $  8,880

Note: This is a pre-examination estimate that is appropriate for most patients wishing this service.  The fees may change slightly based on your personal needs.

Dr J and his staff look forward to understanding the details of your unique case, desires and aspirations, and to providing you with realistic, safe and attainable results that leave you looking beautiful, and truly feeling like yourself. Take the first step toward your healing or rejuvenating procedure with Dr J by filling out our contact form to request a consultation, or to inquire about any of the services we offer. We look forward to treating you!

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  • review rating 5  Hi Dr. J ., Tracy, Ashley, Kimberly and Susan- I came back to your surgical practice as I was very pleased with previous results. I find again a very caring atmosphere and staff and I am excitedly anticipating future results of your excellent technical expertise. Waiting to hear from you regarding the rest of the repair work yet to be done. Happy New Year and Happy Blessings to all of you! Thanks so much, Lisa Bishop

    thumb Lisa Bishop
  • review rating 5  I'm having a hard time with this because, I can't say enough good things about this office! Dr. Jacobsen is an amazing surgeon. He is always available, for any questions or concern. His staff go way beyond any other office I have seen. They are more than helpful with insurance, appointments, or any issue or questions. The office is both beautiful, and comfy. Like I said can't say enough.

    thumb J Basom
  • review rating 5  My experience with Dr Jacobsen, MD has been a stunningly positive experience. Is he a highly skilled surgeon? Yes, without a doubt and I would not hesitate to seek his help with any problem whatsoever. He is an excellent communicator and answers any and all questions and concerns so that I knew what was going to happen and what to look forward to. His staff is excellent as well. Dr Jacobsen has put together a highly professional team across the board. Bob N. 2/28/18

    thumb Ive Nuffet
  • review rating 5  I couldn't be happier with my procedure. Dr. J has the most kind and relaxing manner and he is the ultimate professional. I had a fatty tumor on my forehead that he removed, as well as breast reconstruction. The breast reconstruction was overdue as I had breast cancer with multiple lumpectomies, biopsies and radiation. It left the tissue hard and my old implant like a rock. He was able to correct all of the problems and I'm much happier with my appearance. Although you may find it odd at first that you can't get anyone by phone their response time is amazing. I emailed the office on a Sunday afternoon that I had a problem and within ten minutes (no exaggeration) I had a text back that a prescription had been called in to my pharmacy. I've had procedures with other doctors around the Valley and never had an experience more pleasant, nor one which I was happier with the results.

    thumb Leslie Keller
  • review rating 5  Dr. William Jacobsen and his entire staff are all very educated, professional and extremely responsive to any questions or concerns. They set up very real expectations for me after taking the time to help me understand what was hoped to be achieved. I have been treated with the highest respect and kindness. Dr. Jacobsen has an extraordinary bedside manner and met my needs and expectations in every way! With future facial and cranial reconstructive surgery to be performed, I am confident in facing the future with the care and golden hands of Dr. William Jacobsen.

    thumb SANDIYA McClendon
  • review rating 5  Very upper class. Beautiful surroundings, beautiful people. Very tranquil. Highly recommend.

    thumb Donna Koverly
  • review rating 5  My experience with Dr Jacobsen, MD has been a unbelievable first time experience for my procedure. He is a extremely skilled surgeon that that I would highly recommend. He is professional, compassionate, knowledgeable and has excellent bedside manners. Do not hesitate to set up a free consultation, your will never regret it. Jim K. 4/15/18

    thumb Jim Kleeman
  • review rating 5  I've had four visits with Dr. Jacobsen over the past 2.5 years, the first after the removal of 1/3 of my bottom lip from skin cancer, and the last for a biopsy of possible skin cancer on my nose. Each time, he has treated me with kindness and respect, and also had a level of confidence that made me feel relaxed with whatever he thought best for the particular problem. Thus far, the results have proven him correct. He has quickly become my go-to for any problem or condition that may create a cosmetic "issue". His office and staff make you feel welcomed and comfortable, and he promptly and generously responds to questions or concerns by email. One visit and you'll find these things out yourself.

    thumb Jay Phillips
  • review rating 5  I had skin cancer removed from my forehead for the first time and my dermatologist's office scheduled an appointment with Dr. Jacobsen on my behalf. Not only was the staff accommodating but they actually got another patient to reschedule so that they could fit me in to close up the (rather large!) wound. I still had no idea what was going on, what everything was going to look like, how much it was going to cost, etc and I was under a considerable amount of stress. Every staff member I interacted with put me more and more at ease; they're more worried about you as a person than they are about you as a payment. Dr. Jacobsen is very kind and so concerned about the wellbeing and comfort of his patients. I was in very good hands. I am now going through round two and I am back in his hands -- and couldn't feel more secure. The pictures shared are from my first procedure -- about 2 weeks apart. The scar has disappeared even more and is nearly unnoticeable even without a light layer of makeup (as in the after photo)

    thumb Kristen Costanza
  • review rating 5  Dr. Jacobsen and his team are beyond exeptional! From the moment you walk in you are treated with care and professionalism. Very very impressed! Thank you Absolutely recommend!!!

    thumb ester zav

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