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Dr. J believes that every woman should be able to express herself through her ideal aesthetic image, body and shape. Ensuring that our procedures are priced affordably and in a way that is transparent and makes sense for our patients is one of our top priorities. Contact us today to learn more about our pricing, fees, and terms.


Plastic Surgery Prices

Thank you for your interest in the various Breast Augmentation, Body and Face procedures that Dr. William Jacobsen offers. One of our goals as a leading plastic surgery practice here in Phoenix is to provide our clients with the highest quality care, experience and compassion needed to achieve their aesthetic goals, for the most reasonable possible price in Arizona. Accordingly, our Breast Enhancement, Breast Augmentation, Body and Face procedures are priced in a way that makes sense, and is affordable to you. Please explore our various procedure pricing by selecting a procedure below, as well as our general pricing elements that are relevant to all procedures.

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This is a pre-examination estimate that is appropriate for most patients wishing this service. The fees may change slightly based on your personal needs.
Breast Augmentation
Saline Implant$5,000
Silicone Gel Implants$5,600
Breast Implant & Capsule Removal
With Breast Lift$10,340
With Breast Lift + Saline Implant$10,990
With Breast Lift + Gel Implant$11,640
With Saline Implants$9,750
With Gel Implants$10,400
Breast Lift
No Implant$8,340
Saline Implant$10,735
Gel Implant$11,385
Breast Implant Exchange
Saline Implant$6,505
Gel Implant$7,155
Breast Reduction
Moderate <500mg or Moderate Ptosis$7,340
Large >500mg or Advanced Ptosis$9,330
FTM Mastectomy
Brachioplasty for Sagging Arm Tissues
Facelift Necklift
Standard Abdominoplasty$8,100
Eyelid "Lift"
Upper Eyelid$3,000
Lower Eyelid$5,285
Upper & Lower Eyelid$8,030
Gynecomastia Surgery for Men Bilateral
Dorsal Hump Only$5,285
Tip-Plasty Only$6,285
Tip-Plasty & Dorsal Hump$7,285
Mole Removal
1 Small Mole Removal < 1cm$750
2 Small Mole Removals < 1cm$1,000
1 Lage Mole Removal > 1cm$900
2 Large Mole Removals > 1cm$1,200
Earlobe Repair
One Earlobe$900
Both Earlobes$1,500
Earlobe Keloid Removal
One Earlobe$1,000
Both Earlobes$1,800
Skin Cancer Removal
1 Removal < 2cm$1,200
2 Removals < 2cm$1,600
3 Removals < 2cm$2,800
1 Removal <3cm$1,200
1 Removal > 3cm & < 6cm$1,500
Inner Thigh Lift
Standard (Both Ears)$6,285
Lipoma & Cyst Removal
1 cm or less body$800
1 cm or less face$1,000
1 – 5 cm body$1,200
1 – 5 cm face$1,600
>5 cm$2,000
Chin Lift
Fat Transfer
One Area - One Side$2,500
Breast Implant Return Processing Fee
Insurance Related Peer to Peer Calls

Universal Terms & Fees

Here is how you can pay the fees associated with your surgery.

Payment Policy: Non-refundable Scheduling fee: $250

The $250 non-refundable scheduling fee is due at the time of scheduling your surgery and will be applied to the total above. The surgical fee and anesthesia fee are due no later than two weeks prior to your surgery date. We accept cash, personal checks and cashier’s checks, and all major credit cards. We do not have financing available. The pre and post-operative appointments are included in the surgical fees. If re-operation is desired or necessary Dr. Jacobsen may elect, depending on the reason for re-operation, to waive the surgeon’s fee in whole or in part. If re-operation is desired or necessary the surgery center and anesthesiologist fees, however, are your responsibility.

Dr. Jacobsen’s Surgical Fee: The fees quoted will be valid for six months from the date of this commitment. After 6 months the fees may change and a new financial commitment for surgery will need to be signed. Operating room fees and anesthesia fees do on rare occasion change and are entirely out of our office’s influence. We will notify you if these fees change prior to your surgical date. We do not bill insurance companies or other entities for cosmetic procedures; this is your cost for the selected procedure. Pathology may be required for specific procedures, in which case there will be an additional charge.

St. Joseph’s Outpatient SurgiCenter:

Phone: 602-406-3255.

It is your responsibility to contact St. Joseph’s SurgiCenter at least 7 days prior to surgery date to plan for payment. You will be given exact fees owed for your surgery by Dr. Jacobsen’s staff to make the process easy for you!

Valley Anesthesia Consultants:

Phone: 602.744.4760

The anesthesiologist fee will be billed to you after your surgery predicated on the time of your operation.

Cancellation policy

We will be happy to accommodate changes to your surgery date with reasonable notice. However, adhering to your scheduled surgery date is important. Reservations for the operating room, facility staff and recovery room are made in advance. If you cancel or change your surgery date within a week or less, significant time and effort is lost, and financial losses are incurred.

  • Less than 2 weeks prior to surgery date: 10% of fee
  • Within one week prior to surgery date: 20% of fee
  • Within 48 hours of surgery time: 50% of fee
  • After 1:00 pm the day prior to surgery: 75% of fee

Credit Cards: There will be an additional processing fee of 3% for payments made by credit card to Dr. Jacobsen’s Office.

Financing: Dr. Jacobsen does not offer financing but there are programs you can take advantage of for cosmetic surgery including:

Lender Directory

  • Dr Jacobsen DOES NOT accept these lender organizations!!!
  • The fees are terribly high!
  • Try to find a standard credit card or a bank loan with reasonable APRs.
American Benefit Credit, Inc.

Toll-Free: 888-224-2729

Care Credit

Toll-Free: 800-677-0718

Chase Health Advance

Toll-Free: 888-519-6111

Cosmetic Surgery Financing

Toll-Free: 888-405-8140

MedChoice Financial

Toll-Free: 954-719-0890 ext. 206

Medicard Finance Inc.

Toll-Free: 888-689-9876

Med Loan

Toll-Free: 800-504-4053
Fax: 800-555-8122


Toll-Free: 888-444-1025

My Medical Loan

Toll-Free: 800-788-0711

PFS Patient Finance

Toll-Free: 888-737-3679
Phone: 908-754-2500
Fax: 908-754-9192

Toll-Free: 888-502-8020