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Helping you recover from your infected hardware.

Dr. J understands how your surgical hardware is important to you; it helps you live, look and feel normal. However, in cases where the hardware becomes infected, correction is needed. Dr. J will remove, fix and replace your hardware while setting you up for quick, restorative healing.


Infected Hardware

There are many devices inserted surgically into patients that help human beings function better or survive. These devices can become infected.

These devices include; pacemakers and internal defibrillators, and spinal stimulators (intrathecal infusion pumps for chronic pain).Prosthetic joints for the knee, hips, elbows, shoulders and other joints. Foreign materials also can become infected. Including mesh panels, breast implants, plates and screws, wires, pins and permanent suture material.

Dr. Jacobsen has a team of medical specialists that join him in salvaging these medical devices, much needed for patients. Typically, when a prosthetic device becomes infected it must be removed and then replanted after a period of healing. However, many times these devices are required for survival, pain control or even your appearance. In these cases, Dr. Jacobsen can forgo the period of removal and healing and can often salvage the infected hardware with the appropriate surgery and antibiotics. Dr. Jacobsen and his team have salvaged many devices that are critical for patients’ lives and appreciate the trust you have placed in him and his team of professionals to restore the condition of your infected hardware.

If the device you have is exposed, positioned poorly or chronically infected, Dr. Jacobsen may be able to help you with this problem. Contact us today to learn more.