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Experience keloid removal with minimal scarring!

Helping our patients heal is at the center of our mission statement. Dr. J understands that keloids can be both painful and disfiguring and prioritizes minimal scarring throughout the removal process.



Keloids usually occur after an injury, like an abrasion, cut or burn. Sometimes keloids may even form after a surgical procedure. These abrasions are usually thick and often quite painful, besides from their unusual appearance.

Keloids can often definitely removed, then meticulously repaired to minimize the scar. Sometimes keloids return even after fine plastic surgery. Dr. Jacobsen also has access to other specialists who work on scar prevention and other types of therapies related to keloids. For keloids that tend to recur in addition to surgical removal, Dr. Jacobsen works with radiation specialists that can help treat keloids.

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Keloid scars are generally covered by your health insurance, particularly when they follow previous surgical procedures. In the event of noncoverage, Dr. Jacobsen has a simple fee schedule where these can be removed in the office.

Everyone of course is concerned about the scar left behind. A scar will always be there, but it is our goal to make any scarring least noticeable as possible. As a Restorative and Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jacobsen is specialized in the fine caring and reduction of keloids. We have a care program to help prevent and minimize any scar appearance after your procedure.

Dr. Jacobsen can help you with your keloid removal and finely done repair of your body and skin. Call or email us with your keloid removal question and we will be happy to help you!