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Understanding which implants are right for you.

Dr. Jacobsen uses breast implants manufactured by a company called Mentor, because of their ratings for safety, durability and affordability. During your consultation, he will show you the differences between this brand and others available on the market.


Mentor Implants Reviews - Recommended By Dr. Jacobsen

Dr. Jacobsen's best recommendation is the Mentor implants. Dr. Jacobsen has personally been to their manufacturing plant in Dallas, Texas, and has spoken with technicians and the researchers specifically about the details of the manufacturing process. Dr. Jacobsen was personally very impressed with the Mentor Corporation, their attention to detail, safety and product reliability of the implants. The Mentor Corporation also stands behind their implants in a very favorable way for you as well. The Mentor Corporation cares about their patients and their satisfaction. Dr. Jacobsen uses smooth implants instead of textured implants because of the softer, better contour these implants give. The Mentor Corporation makes excellent higher profiles implants. The 'high profile' and 'ultra high profile' gives a more projecting look to the breasts. There is 'moderate profile high profile' and 'ultra high' profile which Dr. Jacobsen can show you. For most women, Dr. Jacobsen recommends the ultra high profile or the high profile depending on the dimensions of the chest wall and breasts. This gives a better projecting breast, and a much more favorable appearance than flatter implants. The saline implants and the silicone gel implants both come with the same contours of 'high profile and 'ultra-high profile. These smooth saline and gel implants are really quite resilient and can withstand quite a bit of trauma, which Dr. Jacobsen will show you by placing them on the floor and standing on the implant. One of the reasons they come so highly recommended is that The Mentor implants rarely rupture, but when they do, it is usually related to capsular contracture which causes folds in the implant. If we avoid the capsular contracture around the implant it is very rare that the implants spontaneously rupture. This is true for both the smooth saline implants and the smooth silicone implants.