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Mini Abdominoplasty Surgery

The mini abdominoplasty is intended for ladies that have minimal skin to be removed. The incision is very low through the pubic area below even the lowest underwear or bathing suit. This allows Dr. Jacobsen to lift your skin from your abdominal wall and pull it downward and remove some of the skin and suture it down low with very fine suture material. This gives a tightening and removal of the extra skin that may be in this area. Sometimes the muscular fascia is tightened as well. But the mini abdominoplasty has minimal down time and usually the patient can go home the same day. A binder always is placed as well to help minimize swelling and fluid collection. A mini abdominoplasty usually requires an incision on the lower abdominal wall approximately 10 inches but this is variable depending on what you need to achieve your goals.