Who is a candidate for a "mini facelift"?

The mini facelift is a perfect option for patients who want to experience a rejuvenated and revitalized look with minimal scarring and downtime. Contact Dr. William Jacobsen today to learn more about this procedure.

Mini Facelift Phoenix & Scottsdale

The facelift referred to as the mini facelift is a facelift that is minimal in its incisions and minimal in its downtime and recovery time. This is usually appropriate for women that have minimal facial aging and want a refreshing operation of the face typically on the mid-cheek and lower cheek which requires an incision in front of the ear and just under the ear and behind her ear just slightly. This can be done as an outpatient as a short procedure and will give quite a freshening to the face and moderate tightening of the face. This operation does not extend into the neck. This operation is very nice for business people or other active people they wanted very minimal down time and would like to be able to have a short operation on a Friday and on Monday be able to go back to work. This operation can be repeated every couple of years as needed or as desired. This a very safe operation with minimal complications. Dr. Jacobsen’s taking care of business people who need very little downtime and wished to get back to work as soon as possible and get back into publications possible. The incisions are treated with very fine suture material that is absorbable and has antibiotic within the suture material. DermaBond which is a glue substance is then placed on the incision so that one can shower directly the same day. You can wash your face normally. Even gentle makeup can be placed over the incisions. The advantages operation is the minimal down time minimal complications and a nice freshening of the mid face appearance. Dr. Jacobsen prides himself on having very minimal bruising. A facial compressive garment is placed for the 1st48 hours to minimize the bruising and swelling as well.


Mini-Facelift Phoenix Pricing

Total All-Inclusive Fees$5,570
Dr. J's Surgical Fees$3,500
Payment to Dr. Jacobsen$3,570
Estimated Anesthesia Fee$~800
Payment to St Joe’s SurgiCenter – Overnight$~1,200
Total Payments$5,570

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I had a great experience during my consultation with Dr. J and his staff. They made me feel super comfortable as soon as I walked in even though I was a nervous wreck. Everyone was so sweet, nice and very knowledgeable. What I wanted done Dr. J surprised me with his answer. Which is why I will be scheduling an appointment for a breast augmentation soon with him. Also, I hate talking on the phone so I am able to contact them by text or email with any questions or concerns I have, and with my busy schedule it works out for both parties. I will have to edit this review with the results of my procedure and recovery process. As for a consultation experience, I have no complaints.
  • Amanda Lewis

    Amanda Lewis