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Mole Extraction Maricopa AZ

Moles come in so many shapes and sizes. While some are beautiful and famous, some are just annoying black spots on your skin that you wish would disappear. Dr. Jacobsen understands your plight and offers his expertise and services to help remove it.

If you are looking for mole extraction Maricopa AZ, we are here to help. Dr. J’s office offers a very high-quality mole removal procedure that removes, repairs, and heals your mole quickly and painlessly.

We know how a mole may affect you and make you conscious about your looks. So don’t worry, we are here to help you. All you have to do is contact us at 602-212-0100 for a mole extraction consultation if you want us to remove your mole.

What Are Moles?

Moles are a form of skin growth appearing as small, brown, black, or skin tone spots anywhere on the body. Clusters of pigmented cells called melanocytes cause them.

Most moles or nevi appear during a person’s childhood and adolescence and often run in families. Some may have as many as 10 to 40 moles that change in appearance or fade away with time.

It’s the moles that appear after about 35 that require medical evaluation and possibly a biopsy. Sun exposure can trigger skin moles, which is why those exposed more to UV light tend to have more moles.

While protecting your skin from the sun can help reduce the number of moles, there is always the chance of moles occurring in sun-protected areas too. Consult Dr. Jacobsen if a mole appears later in your life or starts changing size, shape, or color.

Normal moles are usually smaller than a pencil eraser head. Anything more significant is better checked. And while moles typically have distinct margins and symmetrical appearance, consult Dr.Jacobsen if it has indistinct margins or is asymmetrical.

Why Remove Moles?

There’s no need to worry if you have a mole because moles are generally harmless. It’s only in rare cases that they turn cancerous. However, Dr. Jacobsen does not recommend neglecting moles.

You need to keep monitoring them and any other pigmented patches you have. It will help detect the early signs of skin cancer, typically malignant melanoma.

So the main reason to remove some moles will be for health reasons. For example, Dr. Jacobsen will remove suspicious-looking moles and send them for a biopsy. If the biopsy result proves that it is cancerous, removing it can help stop and prevent possible cancer.

Then again, there is another reason to remove moles, which is for aesthetic or cosmetic reasons. Some moles may make a person look better, but it’s not all the time. With moles appearing anywhere on the body, there is always the chance of them being in the wrong places. In this case, it often makes the moles look ugly and undesirable, giving another good reason for mole removal.

The third reason for mole removal is that it may cause discomfort with its constant rubbing against something. For example, moles on the neck region may get uncomfortable with continuous rubbing and friction when putting on or removing clothes. Even moles on the cheeks may get intrusive and irritating for a man while shaving. In this case, removing it may be a solution to all the discomfort.

About Our Mole Removal Procedure

We have a simple mole removal procedure consisting of a simple surgery. Dr. Jacobsen will first describe the procedure to you to ensure you fully understand it and are ready to proceed with it. We are always prepared to answer any queries you may have about the procedure.

While we happily remove benign moles, we first inspect them for possible cancer signs and send anything suspicious for a biopsy.

The procedure starts by us first cleaning and numbing the region with a local anesthetic. We then either surgically shave or excise the mole depending on its size and place.

In the case of surgical excision, Dr. Jacobsen uses a scalpel or sharp, circular blade to extract the mole and some surrounding healthy skin. He then stitches the cut skin closed. A deeper excision may be necessary if the mole has penetrated rather deeply into the skin.

Dr. Jacobsen does a surgical shave for smaller moles by using a small blade to shave off the mole and some tissues underneath it. There usually isn’t a need for any stitches.

We may also opt to use either cryotherapy or cauterization to remove some moles. Whichever procedure, we apply a bandage on the area to speed up the recovery process.

Keeping the region as clean as possible after the mole removal procedure is essential to avoid risks of mole removal like a potential infection. Dr. Jacobsen will clearly show you how to keep the area clean, covered, and moist properly.

Over-the-counter medication is usually all you require to treat any discomfort you may feel. Feel free to call us if you have any questions about the recovery process. We are always happy to answer your questions.

Never try removing a mole on your own. You not only invite the risk of an infection, but you also risk missing cancer detection if you don’t send suspicious moles for a biopsy.

Common moles do not come back after proper mole removal. However, moles with cancer cells may return. Dr. Jacobsen recommends keeping watch on the area and informing him if you notice any changes.

Contact Us Today For a Mole Removal Consultation

We can help you if you are looking for a mole extraction in Maricopa, AZ. Dr. Jacobsen is a well-accomplished plastic surgeon with more than 20 years of experience serving the families of Maricopa County.

A compassionate person, Dr. Jacobsen is always ready to help you with your mole removal, medical treatments, care, and recovery. You know you are in safe hands when you turn to us for help.

Do not ignore suspicious moles, as they are a health risk and can get fatal. Skin cancer, including melanoma, is curable if diagnosed and treated early. You can reach us at 602-212-0100 if you have a suspicious-looking mole or need a mole removal consultation for aesthetic reasons.