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Mole Extraction North Phoenix

Moles (nevi) are round or oval, and brown or black skin growths that can appear anywhere. They may be rough, smooth, wrinkled, flat, raised, single, or grow in multiples. Though generally harmless, moles changing color, texture, size, and shape may indicate skin cancer and cancerous growth.

If you need mole extraction in North Phoenix, we can help you. At Dr. J’s Office, we offer our expert mole removal service to extract carefully, repair and help your mole heal. Mr. Jacobsen knows that not all moles are beautiful and desirable, and that it may make you feel conscious of your looks.

There’s no need to worry anymore.

Dr. Jacobsen can help if you want to remove the mole for aesthetic reasons or if there are changes in the mole. Please contact our office in advance for a mole extraction consultation at 602-212-0100 if you wish to extract your mole.

About The Mole Removal Procedure

We want you to be happy and sure about your mole extraction. This is why we will speak and clearly explain the procedure before you opt to extract unwanted or atypical moles. You can ask us any questions you have as we are always ready to clear your doubts.

We inspect the mole for signs of cancer before extracting it to ensure if you need treatment. We will then start with the mole extraction procedure if it’s benign.

We start the procedure by first cleaning and numbing the area. We then carefully remove the mole using a scalpel. We may have to make a deeper excision if we find that the mole has penetrated rather deeply into the skin.

Jacobsen will use either cryotherapy (freezing) or cauterization (burning) to extract the mole. A bandage is applied to cover the area and help with the recovery process upon completing the procedure.

The areas have to be kept as clean as possible after the procedure to prevent any infection. Don’t worry. We will show you the required medical care needed to keep the spot clean.

All you will need is some over-the-counter medication to get rid of any discomfort you feel. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions to ask during the recovery phase. We are always ready and happy to answer your questions.

Call Us Today For A Mole Removal Consultation

We can help you if you are looking for an effective mole extraction in North Phoenix. Dr. William Jacobsen has more than 20 years of experience and is always ready to help you and the people of Scottsdale.

The compassionate plastic surgeon he is, Dr. Jacobsen, will carefully extract your mole and help you with your care and recovery. You know you are in safe hands if you opt to turn to us for help in removing your mole.

Please contact us for mole extraction real time appointments if you want to extract your mole. Call us at 602-212-0100 to book a convenient date and time for the mole removal.