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Tighten your neck for a more youthful appearance.

A neck lift is a perfect procedure for all women who feel self-conscious about the way their neck skin and muscles are aging. Contact Dr. Jacobsen today to learn more about how a neck lift procedure can revitalize your appearance!

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Neck Lift Phoenix

The neck lift is usually combined with a facelift. The neck lift is used to correct redundant skin on the neck, particularly under the chin. The skin is not excised directly under the chin which leaves quite a considerable scar. Instead the skin is pulled up behind the ear on the LEFT and RIGHT side and the dissection is carried from behind the ear down to the neck allowing the skin to be lifted from the LEFT and RIGHT side just as you would do with your hands in front of the mirror. This tightens the skin around the neck and under the chin. An additional incision as often made under the chin allowing fat to be removed under the chin and the muscle and the chin to be tightened to give a better angle under the chin and a sharper appearance to the angle of the chin. The neck lift is rarely done by itself and is usually done in combination with a facelift. If the neck skin is pulled tight it will create an imbalanced look with the facial skin that is not pulled tight. So generally, with a facelift the neck is pulled up slightly as well and with the neck lift the face is pulled up slightly as well. Generally speaking with a full facelift the neck is limited to some significant degree as a matter of the course of a facelift. What you need and what you want to change can be determined by examination and Dr. Jacobsen can help you with this.

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