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Helping your wounds heal, so you can get back to you.

Helping our patients recover from pressure and decubitus wounds is one of the many services Dr. J is known for. Our patients benefit from our network of the specialists you will need in this area to have a successful recovery.


Pressure & Decubitus Wounds

Pressure wounds are an awful experience for humans. Pressure wounds often occur in patients that are on bed rest and are unable to move to protect themselves. These are sometimes called decubitus ulcers. Pressure wounds can occur in patients in wheelchairs as well.

How Decubitus Wounds Occur

Pressure wounds can occur in people that have no feeling in a part of their body and cannot protect themselves normally. These wounds can cause severe tissue loss and infection. Pressure wounds can cause death if not treated properly. Pressure wounds can imply a patient is poorly nourished or otherwise has medical problems that are not optimized. These should be corrected as possible. Pressure wounds are often cared for chronically with wound care for months and months.

But most of these wounds can be healed with plastic surgery. This requires carefully done surgery as well as a course of antibiotics and support from multiple specialists to comprehensively optimize your body’s ability to heal. Your nutrition must be right. Your blood pressure must be right. Your hormones must be balanced.

Healing also requires a program after surgery to protect the healing area. Healing a pressure wound requires excellent nursing care as well. Dr. Jacobsen’s Team can address these issues for you and help you heal after surgery.

If you are experiencing a pressure wound or a loved one has one and wound care is not making progress for you then you may wish to make an appointment with Dr. Jacobsen.