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Oftentimes, radiation causes wounds that are more difficult to manage than the cancer was in the first place. Dr. J has over 20 years of experience working with radiated wounds. Schedule your consulation today to begin your unique healing process.


Radiated Wounds

Radiated wounds are very difficult. Typically radiated wounds occurs result of treatment for some sort of cancer. Sometimes treatment is for cancer of the skin and the limb is radiated because the cancer cannot be surgically removed. Oftentimes the radiation causes wounds that are more difficult to manage in the cancer was in the 1stplace. This can be corrected by removing the radiated tissue and applying a graft or other reconstructive options. But these rated wounds cannot be cared. Rate wounds often occur in women with breast cancer. Oftentimes with advanced breast cancer adjuvant radiation is required which causes contraction and thinning of the tissue which makes the tissue very difficult to heal and very difficult to reconstruct particularly for ladies undergoing breast reconstruction. The radiated tissue although difficult to manage can be managed with persistence and fine surgical care and postoperative management. Often patients with radiated wounds are told by various physicians that they need to keep placing dressings and hoping that this will heal. Usually by the time patients To Dr. Jacobsen they have had a long term care that is been frustrating and debilitating for them. If you have a radiation wound consulting with Dr. Jacobsen may help you find an answer to heal you fax faster than months and years of wound care.