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Helping repair and heal your scars is the foundation of our mission.

Not only do we have a variety of cutting-edge technologies designed to help us eliminate and repair scar tissue, we also have a team of compassionate providers dedicated to ensuring your emotional and physical well-being.


Scar Repair

Scars occur for many reasons in patient’s that are concerning the patient’s either because of their appearance in the exposed area or because take cause pain and sometimes because they cause functional abnormalities.

Commonly in Dr. Jacobsen’s office, scars are removed under local anesthesia by removing the scar in its entirety and the portion of the scar this under the skin and closing the skin with very fine suturing technique to give a much finer line scar. The scar never becomes completely invisible but if they can be improved to the point that nobody notices the scar and loosely get very close to then this is a great improvement and a great help to people. Scars occur from many types of injuries including cancer surgery, trauma, mole removal or biopsies burns and other kinds of traumatic injury to her skin. Most of these can be excised and improved considerably.

Dr. Jacobsen and his staff has a program after the surgical procedure to manage her scar by employing many techniques and various creams to help minimize the recurrence of the scar. Most patients are quite concerned if they have the scar removed that the scar will come back. We find that most the time that people of had sutures or closures elsewhere further previous surgery whenever told how to take care of their incision after their procedure. We have elaborate program to help minimize the chance of scarring after the revision of the scar by Dr. Jacobsen.

Scar surgeries usually quite minor can be done in the office under local anesthesia. Some patients however have extensive keloid scars which can be painful. These keloid scars can be quite large and quite painful and debilitating to patients and often require excision in the operating room. The scars require particularly careful and fastidious postoperative care and massage and vitamin E cream program postoperatively. Some keloid scars that are removed do recur as a result of the genetic propensity by the patient. If they do recur Dr. Jacobsen has a program at multiple hospitals in Phoenix that after the surgical excision have radiation therapy applied to the incision to prevent keloids from returning. This program is utilized for those patient’s only that the scar continues to return no matter what surgical reconstruction as applied.

But generally speaking, most minor scars of the face and hand in exposed areas can be easily removed and improved considerably with the program at Dr. Jacobsen’s office.